Sunfly Arbiter FLY033

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk 33

FLY033-01Connie FrancisWho’s Sorry Now
FLY033-02Connie FrancisStupid Cupid
FLY033-03Connie FrancisRobot Man
FLY033-04Brenda LeeSweet Nuthin’s
FLY033-05Brenda LeeLet’s Jump The Broomstick
FLY033-06Brenda LeeAs Usual
FLY033-07Sandy PoseyA Single Girl
FLY033-08Kay StarrRock And Roll Waltz
FLY033-09Connie FrancisWho’s Sorry Now (Vocal)
FLY033-10Connie FrancisStupid Cupid (Vocal)
FLY033-11Connie FrancisRobot Man (Vocal)
FLY033-12Brenda LeeSweet Nuthin’s (Vocal)
FLY033-13Brenda LeeLet’s Jump The Broomstick (Vocal)
FLY033-14Brenda LeeAs Usual (Vocal)
FLY033-15Sandy PoseyA Single Girl (Vocal)
FLY033-16Kay StarrRock And Roll Waltz (Vocal)