Sunfly Arbiter FLY016

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk FLY016

FLY016-01Glitter, GaryI Love You Love Me Love
FLY016-02Sweet, TheBallroom Blitz
FLY016-03SparksThis Town Ain’t Big Enough
FLY016-04MudTiger Feet
FLY016-05Mott The HoopleAll The Young Dudes
FLY016-06Stardust, AlvinMy Coo Ca Choo
FLY016-07ShowaddywaddyUnder The Moon Of Love
FLY016-08Village People, TheIn The Navy
FLY016-09Glitter, GaryI Love You Love Me Love (Vocal)
FLY016-10Sweet, TheBallroom Blitz (Vocal)
FLY016-11SparksThis Town Ain’t Big Enough (Vocal)
FLY016-12MudTiger Feet (Vocal)
FLY016-13Mott The HoopleAll The Young Dudes (Vocal)
FLY016-14Stardust, AlvinMy Coo Ca Choo (Vocal)
FLY016-15ShowaddywaddyUnder The Moon Of Love (Vocal)
FLY016-16Village People, TheIn The Navy (Vocal)