Sunfly Arbiter FLY011

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk FLY011

FLY011-02PulpCommon People
FLY011-03Collins, EdwynGirl Like You, A
FLY011-04Ocean Colour SceneYou’ve Got It Bad
FLY011-05Lightning Seeds, TheLucky You
FLY011-06PulpDisco 2000
FLY011-07Skinner & BaddieThree Lions
FLY011-08SleeperSale Of The Century
FLY011-09EMFUnbelievable (Vocal)
FLY011-10PulpCommon People (Vocal)
FLY011-11Collins, EdwynGirl Like You, A (Vocal)
FLY011-12Ocean Colour SceneYou’ve Got It Bad (Vocal)
FLY011-13Lightning Seeds, TheLucky You (Vocal)
FLY011-14PulpDisco 2000 (Vocal)
FLY011-15Skinner & BaddieThree Lions (Vocal)
FLY011-16SleeperSale Of The Century (Vocal)