Sunfly Arbiter FLY008

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk FLY008

FLY008-01Take ThatSure
FLY008-02Take ThatEverything Changes
FLY008-03Take ThatBack For Good
FLY008-04Take ThatPray
FLY008-05East 17Stay Another Day
FLY008-06East 17Around The World
FLY008-07East 17Steam
FLY008-08East 17Someone To Love
FLY008-09Take ThatSure (Vocal)
FLY008-10Take ThatEverything Changes (Vocal)
FLY008-11Take ThatBack For Good (Vocal)
FLY008-12Take ThatPray (Vocal)
FLY008-13East 17Stay Another Day (Vocal)
FLY008-14East 17Around The World (Vocal)
FLY008-15East 17Steam (Vocal)
FLY008-16East 17Someone To Love (Vocal)