Sunfly Arbiter FLY003

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk FLY003

FLY003-01 O’connor, Sinead Nothing Compares 2 U
FLY003-02 Annie Lennox Why
FLY003-03 Craven, Beverly Promise Me
FLY003-04 Dion, Celine Think Twice
FLY003-05 Osborne, Joan One Of Us
FLY003-06 Carlisle, Belinda Heaven Is A Place On Earth
FLY003-07 Rush, Jennifer Power Of Love, The
FLY003-08 Bangles, The Eternal Flame
FLY003-09 O’connor, Sinead wvocal Nothing Compares 2 U
FLY003-10 Lennox, Annie wvocal Why
FLY003-11 Craven, Beverly wvocal Promise Me
FLY003-12 Dion, Celine wvocal Think Twice
FLY003-13 Osborne, Joan wvocal One Of Us
FLY003-14 Carlisle, Belinda wvocal Heaven Is A Place On Earth
FLY003-15 Rush, Jennifer wvocal Power Of Love, The
FLY003-16 Bangles, The wvocal Eternal Flame