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Satellite TV Reception in Cyprus

There are a number of Satellites beaming English speaking programming into Cyprus.


The Hotbird satellite at 13 East has a very strong signal which can be picked up on a 0.8 metre dish (1 metre recommended) in most locations on the island.

Unfortunately, these days most of the programming on Hotbird is encrypted, meaning that you must buy a subscription viewing card to be able to watch anything.

A subscription to the Nova package is available from many places around the island.


The Nilesat satellite at 7 West also has a very strong signal which can be picked up easily with a 1 metre dish.

Nilesat broadcasts hundreds of FTA (Free to Air) channels, but there are only about 20 that are in English. I'll be publishing a list of them here shortly.

The Orbit-Showtime package on Nilesat is based in the Middle East. Their policy is that it is illegal to broadcast the Showtime package into Europe. There are ways of subscribing to the Showtime despite Orbit's policy, however, they are now moving towards High Definition television broadcast and the new subscription viewing cards are married to a HD STB (Set Top Box), so subscribing to Showtime will become more difficult in the future.


The Astra 2 satellite at 28.2 East has a varying signal strength, and requires at least a 3 metre dish for decent reception in Cyprus.

Sky UK's policy is that it is illegal to broadcast their signals outside of the UK, however, there are ways of subscribing to Sky UK in Cyprus.

Here is some further information on Sky reception in Paphos

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