Windows for the InXPerienced – Chapter 1 – Page 9

Windows for the Inxperienced

Chapter 1 – Page 9


The Start Menu Continued

Some options have an ellipsis after them. An ellipsis is a set of three periods like so… which indicates that a dialog box of options will open if you select that option.

As you move the mouse over the options in the Start menu, each item becomes highlighted, and if the item has a submenu, then that submenu will open, and as you move the mouse into that submenu, its items become highlighted.

If you hold the mouse button still over a highlighted item for a second or so, a Tooltip will appear describing that menu item. Tooltips are small text boxes with a brief description of the function of what the mouse cursor is pointing at. They are used extensively in Windows to describe different functions.

We saw an example of a Tooltip in Fig 1-14 earlier. Here it is again as a reminder:

Fig 1-14


When you reach an item you want to select you simply click that item once. All of the options in the Start menu only require a single mouse click to activate them.


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