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Windows for the Inxperienced

Chapter 1 Page 3

Using the Mouse continued

To avoid confusion while working with the keyboard, the mouse cursor will disappear while you are typing.  To find it again just move the mouse and it will re-appear.

Another common mouse operation is called drag and drop, and it is used to move objects around the screen or from one window to another.

To move an object, point the mouse cursor at the object, press and hold down the left mouse button, then move the object (drag), under the control of the mouse to a new location and then release the mouse button (drop).

In this book we will often tell you to click on something.  When we say this we mean point the mouse cursor at the object referred to and click the Left mouse button.

We will also sometimes ask you to double-click on something.  When we say that we mean point the mouse cursor at the object referred to and double-click the Left mouse button.

Your mouse may have a wheel in the center between the two buttons.  If it does, it can be used to scroll through a document or web page.  Roll the wheel towards yourself to scroll down the page and away from yourself to scroll up the page.

There may be other options for the middle button or wheel, but they will be dependant on the particular mouse and its associated software.

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