Windows for the InXperienced – Chapter 1

Windows for the Inxperienced

Chapter 1

Using the Mouse

Fig 1-1

we get started, you need to know a little about using the mouse.  Most
things in Windows XP can be accomplished using the mouse, so we\92ll show
you how to use the mouse first.  There are keyboard shortcuts for some
things but we\92ll get to them later.

You use the mouse to move the cursor around the computer screen.  As you
move the mouse, the cursor moves correspondingly across the screen.  The
mouse cursor is a white arrow,
which is given a slightly 3D appearance by the use of a subtle shadow

Fig 1-1a

There are many different types of mouse, some are cordless, some use an optical
pickup instead of a ball, but they all share some common characteristics.

On top of the mouse you will find two buttons, and possibly a third button or
wheel.  Pressing and releasing a button is called clicking, and it is used
to select an object on the screen.  Generally the Left mouse button is
used to select things.

You select an object by moving the cursor over the object using the mouse, and
then clicking the Left button once.  The text description on icons will
become highlighted in blue when selected.  The icon colour will also

Some operations require a ‘double-click’ to make something happen.
Double-clicking usually involves the Left mouse button and simply means
click the button twice in quick succession.

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