Sunfly Arbiter FLY001

This is the track listing of the Sunfly Arbiter Digital Karaoke series disk FLY001

FLY001-01Jones, TomDelilah
FLY001-02Gerry & The PacemakersYou’ll Never Walk Alone
FLY001-03MindbendersA Groovy Kind Of Love
FLY001-04Orbison, RoyPretty Woman
FLY001-05Andrews, ChrisYesterday Man
FLY001-06AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun
FLY001-07Herman’s HermitsI’m Into Something Good
FLY001-08ByrdsMr Tambourine Man
FLY001-09Jones, TomDelilah (Vocals)
FLY001-10Gerry & The PacemakersYou’ll Never Walk Alone (Vocals)
FLY001-11MindbendersA Groovy Kind Of Love (Vocals)
FLY001-12Orbison, RoyPretty Woman (Vocals)
FLY001-13Andrews, ChrisYesterday Man (Vocals)
FLY001-14AnimalsHouse Of The Rising Sun (Vocals)
FLY001-15Herman’s HermitsI’m Into Something Good (Vocals)
ByrdsMr Tambourine Man (Vocals)