Sunfly Karaoke Disks

Sunfly Karaoke History

Sunfly have been making karaoke disks since 1991. They currently have about 18,000 tracks available, although some disks may have been retired, as Some of the disk sets in my library don’t appear to be available any more, like the Arbiter Digital Karaoke series, which have the song IDs from FLY001 to FLY035.

The Arbiter series of disks all feature 8 songs with just the music and the same 8 songs with additional guide vocals, making a total of 16 tracks per disk.

There are a lot of repeats across the Sunfly library, so that, even though the Arbiter series is no longer available, most of the actual tracks are.

The Sunfly Hits series have Song Ids from SF001 to SF400. Strangely, the early disks have Karaoke Classics as the title up to SF106, Then from SF107 they have Karaoke Chart Hits as the title. From SF249 onwards, they just say Karaoke Hits. However, they all fall into the SF Hits series.

Sunfly Arbiter series FLY001 to FLY035
Sunfly Hits series SF001 to SF400
Sunfly Most Wanted series SFMW
Sunfly Gold series SFG
Sunfly Australian Classic Artists series SFACA
Sunfly In Demand series SFID
Sunfly Karaoke Kool SFKK