Since buying my first few karaoke disks back in the 90’s, my karaoke library has grown to enormous proportions.

I used to have several printed loose leaf folders to hand out so people could choose their songs. They got updated and updated then reprinted multiple times.

Once my library grew to over 20,000 tracks, maintaining a printed book was no longer practical, so I published the karaoke songbook online so that singers could browse and search electronically.

That worked quite well for a while, however, my karaoke library has now grown to over 100,000 tracks, so even an electronic search can take ages. (You can download a pdf of the entire library here if you like – Its free!)

That’s why I’ve decided to split the karaoke songbook into sections listed by series, starting with the most popular ones; Sunfly, Legends and Mr Entertainer. I’ll get round to some of the
other big ones in time such as Pocket Songs, Chartbusters and Sound Choice.

Sunfly Karaoke Disks


Mr Entertainer