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Sunday Breakfast at Capital Coast

On the left, just after the Venus Beach Hotel on Tombs of the Kings road is Capital Coast Resort and Spa.

They offer all you can eat and drink buffet breakfast for 6 Euros per person.  Excellent value, great selection of breakfast foods from cereals, fruits, eggs done any way you want, bacon, sausages, baked beans etc etc.

Doesn’t just apply to Sundays either, it’s any day.  If you want to go every day for a week it’s even cheaper, only 30 Euros.

We didn’t eat a huge amount ourselves, but I had 2 coffees, 2 grapefruit juices, a bowl of Coco Pops and scrambled eggs, toast, a couple of slices of bacon and baked beans.  Anywhere else, that alone would have cost 12 Euros at least.  If you’re a big eater it’s even better value

Sunday Lunch at The Prince

I think it used to be called the Prince of Wales.

This was a few weeks ago, but I’ve been a bit lax.

Excellent food, even better value, as it was BOGOF, Buy One Get One Free, or in other words, 2 for 1.

Either way, Janice & I ate a great Sunday lunch for 12 Euros plus drinks.  We were also in company with Dave & Eve who also had the same deal.

We’ll definitely be back there again.

Friday Night at Alexandros, Anarita

Good food, good company.  Unfortunately they’ve put up their prices.

15 Euros a head, but for what we actually had that’s expensive.  We shared 3 main courses between 6 of us.  Dave and Paul had 3 beers each, I had 2, the girls shared a carafe and a half of crap village wine.

I don’t think we’ll be going there again, it used to be great value, even after going into the Euro, it wasn’t that expensive, but recently they’ve hiked their prices and for a village Taverna, it’s not cheap any more.