Make Your Own PEMF Generator

PEMF devices are becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of chronic pain, however, most of them cost thousands of dollars.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to make your own PEMF device, for less than £50.

Here is the completed prototype:

Do It Yourself PEMF


The coils are pretty easy to make too. I built these coils out of 26 AWG enamelled copper wire, then wrapped them with self-amagamating tape (a sort of rubber tape with no adhesive, but which when stretched, bonds to itself.)

PEMF Coil Set

PEMF Coils

This is the circuit diagram:

PEMF Circuit Diagram

PEMF Master Circuit Diagram

Here is the parts list for the PEMF device:

Project box, approx 100mm x 50mm x 30mm deep
Power input socket 2.1mm inner pin size
Banana plugs & sockets, red and black (You can use RCA, or headphone sockets if you prefer.)
Small piece of Veroboard, or other stripboard, about 1″ x 2″. You might need larger depending on your design skills.
1 x IRFZ24 N-Channel Mosfet
Small heatsink, and heatsink mounting kit
1 x NE555 timer IC
1 x LM358 Op-Amp IC
2 x 8 pin DIL sockets
1 x LED, red, standard, 5mm diameter
1 x 1uF electrolytic capacitor, 25v
3 x 10uF electrolytic capacitor, 25v
1 x 100uF electrolytic capacitor, 25v
1 x 10nF polyester film capacitor, 63v
2 x 100nF polyester film capacitor, 63v
4 x 1K resistors, 1/4 watt
1 x 2K5 resistor, 1/4 watt
1 x 3K9 resistor, 1/4 watt
1 x 4K7 resistor, 1/4 watt
1 x 47K resistor, 1/4 watt
1 x 10K trimmer potentiometer
1 x 100K trimmer potentiometer
1 x 1N4002 diode
1 x 12v 5A power supply (I used a Velleman)

These parts shouldn’t cost more than £50, the most expensive bit is the power supply which was about £18 in a local electronics shop, but I could probably buy one online quite a bit cheaper. I’ll research all the prices and their sources and post them later.

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